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The current Troost Elementary school was built in 1923 to replace the smaller country Troost School one block away. The newer building cost about $207,000 to build and included two gymnasiums and ten classrooms. The school underwent an $850,250 renovation project in 1986. In 1988, the school district approved the purchase of six nearby homes to allow for an expansion of Troost, which was transitioning to a writing and communications magnet school.

Troost Elementary was named after Troost Avenue, a major street that runs north to south in the city. The street is named after Dr. Benoist Troost. Troost was born in Holland and served as a surgeon to Napoleon’s regiments. He moved to the United States in 1815 and lived in Pittsburgh and St. Louis before he settled in Independence, Missouri in 1844. Troost is considered the first physician to live in Kansas City.

students of trailwoods in classroom